An Apple A Day


This Lion just turned up at this street party I was at in Bristol, Who would of thought it, Bristol breeds Lions, and not just the ones at the Zoo.


Clearly alot of Green Fingers have been washed in here.




Now who wouldn't want to live in that delightful new development


Healthy written all over it!


Billingsgate Market

My most recent project, Billingsgate Fish Market. This was my chosen Institution, where I spent over 2 months going back and forward between here and Farnham. In that time I befriended a few of the Tenants and became very relaxed and found it a very  calming photographing this place. I never really fully understood Billingsgate's roll within the trade-market in london, I now understand its massive roll and how important it is to a huge percentage of London's food restaurants, and the Army. Something I didn't realize until I came across a mountain of containers with Army written all over them.
I would love to gain permission to go back and photograph Billingsgate again.



Over the past 2 years whilst being at University in Farnham and being close to London i have had the chance to explore the streets and people of London. I have become very interested in street photography and the relationship between the camera and the public. The next couple of days i will be posting photographs that i have taken around london which is my take on the city. I hope to expand my series and possibly in the future produce a book of these photographs.


A day to remember.




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